Washington has expelled another Chinese-owned phone company from the US market over national security concerns, amid rising tensions with Beijing. 

US Federal Communications Commission withdraws authorization of Pacific Networks
US Federal Communications Commission withdraws authorization of Pacific Networks

By order Wednesday, the US Federal Communications Commission withdrew authorization for Pacific Networks to provide domestic and international communications. 

The US government is working to limit Chinese access to and investment in US markets because of Beijing's espionage potential and military development. 

The FCC cited "significant national security and law enforcement risks" that Pacific Networks could monitor or disrupt communications in the United States. 

She said there are no steps that can eliminate those risks while the company operates in the United States.

US President Joe Biden has stepped up efforts started by his predecessor Donald Trump to restrict Chinese companies' access to US technology, investment and markets over concerns that they pose security risks or aid military development.

In October, the Federal Communications Commission expelled a unit of China Telecom, one of China's three major state-owned telecoms operators, from the US market for similar reasons.

The FCC said in 2019 it intended to withdraw licenses granted two decades ago to China Telecom and another state-owned telecom operator, China Unicom. And it refused to grant a license to a third telecom company, China Mobile.

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