US President Joe Biden, in addition to his focus on the issues of the war on Ukraine and the economic suffering of the American citizen due to inflation and the Corona epidemic, did not fail in his State of the Union address, Tuesday, to also highlight the "damage of social networking sites", and the risks they may cause to the public. Mental health. 

Biden's precedent in his State of the Union speech
Frances Hogan attended the State of the Union address at the Capitol

According to CNN, this is the first time that a US president has mentioned "social media" in his State of the Union address. 

This came as part of what Biden put forward about what he called a "unity agenda for the nation", which includes a focus on mental health, referring to "the harms of social media", and calling for the enactment of legislation to limit those harms. 

Biden praised the courage shown by Frances Hogan, a former engineer at Meta (formerly Facebook), who invited her to his speech. 

Hogan appeared before a US Senate committee, last October, after she stood behind leaks of internal company documents published by the "Wall Street Journal" in a series of investigations that concluded that officials were aware of the damage that Facebook and its affiliated platforms cause to society, especially on children. and teens.

Biden hinted at several proposed legislation, some with bipartisan support, saying: "It's time to strengthen privacy protections, ban ads directed to children, and require tech companies to stop collecting personal data on our children." 

The reference to the impact of social media platforms was lauded by both Democrats and Republicans attending Biden's first annual address. 

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