Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who returned hours before a trip to Moscow and Berlin, revealed that he had traveled there with the aim of helping the dialogue between all parties, against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine.

Bennett explains why he went to Moscow and Berlin

Bennett said, on Monday, that this was done "of course, based on the welcome and encouragement of all stakeholders."

He continued, "As we all know, the field conditions are not good, and the human suffering is great, and may even become much greater, if the situation continues in this way. There are also the Israeli citizens who want to return to their homes, and the Jewish communities in crisis that need help."

And the Israeli prime minister considered that, of course, he could not go into more details in this regard, noting that Israel would continue to provide support “whenever we are asked to do so, and even if the possibility is not great, and as soon as a small opening forms, and if we are given access to To all parties and being able to do so, I believe it is our moral duty to make every possible attempt. As long as there is a possibility, effort and action must be made."

It is noteworthy that Israel has set up a hotline for Jews in Ukraine, who seek to emigrate because of the war.

On Sunday, Israeli Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked said that Israel will absorb until the end of this month, in light of the current pace, more than 15,000 Ukrainian citizens, adding that she intends to formulate a more balanced policy in the coming days, against the background of the continued entry of large numbers of Ukrainians into the country. .

She explained that the government is taking the necessary measures, in preparation for the absorption of larger numbers of new arrivals from Ukraine.

The minister confirmed that the Hebrew state has received more than 2,000 Ukrainian refugees since the beginning of the crisis, noting that 90% of them do not meet the conditions of the "Law of Return" to Israel.

Earlier reports indicated that about 300 new immigrants from Ukraine, via European countries, are expected to arrive in Israel on Sunday.

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