A British court was informed on Wednesday that a man arrested with a crossbow at Queen Elizabeth's Windsor Castle home on Christmas Day last year said "I am here to kill the Queen".

The court was told that Jaswant Singh Chail, 20, accused under the British "treason" law, appeared at Windsor Castle wearing a headscarf and a mask. A police officer said he looked like a guard in a movie.

The Queen was at the castle at the time on December 25, with her son and heir, Prince Charles, his wife Camilla and other family members.

Following a counter-terror police investigation, Childe was charged with threatening to kill and possession of an offensive weapon under Section 2 of the Treason Act of 1842.

This article details the punishment for "throwing or aiming firearms, or throwing or using any offensive substance or weapon, with the intent of harming or intimidating Her Majesty."

Child, from Southampton in southern England, said during a hearing at Westminster Court of First Instance in London that he wanted revenge against the ruling establishment.

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