Paris: French President Emmanuel Macron  said that the war between Russia and Ukraine can only be ended through negotiations.

"I want Russia to be defeated in Ukraine and I want Ukraine to be able to defend its position, but I am convinced that in the end (this war) will not end militarily," Macron said in an interview with France Inter and Le Figaro newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche.

He added, "Neither side can completely win... because the effects of the mobilization are not as great as expected, in addition to the fact that there are limits to its ability."

Macron emphasized that Ukraine now needed a military offensive to bring Russia back to the negotiating table.

However, he said he did not think Russia should be attacked on its soil, as some have suggested. "Moreover, these observers want to crush Russia," he said. This is not France's position and never will be."

Macron expressed skepticism about the possibility of significant domestic pressure in Russia to end the war.

“Do we sincerely believe that a democratic solution will emerge from Russian civil society, after years of intransigence and conflict?” he said. I wish it with all my heart, but I don't really believe it will happen.

Macron added that any alternative to Russian President Vladimir Putin in the current situation seems worse to him.

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