Former Vice President Mike Pence said that he would expect to announce his 2024 presidential decision “well before” late June.

"I think if we have an announcement to make, it'll be well before late June,” the Indiana Republican told Robert Costa in an interview that will air Sunday morning on CBS’ “Face the Nation."

Pence stopped short of confirming that he’s “leaning in” toward a presidential campaign, but told Costa, “Well, I'm here in Iowa, Robert.”

It’s not Pence’s first time in Iowa, home to the season-opening 2024 GOP caucuses, in recent months. He traveled there at the beginning of March for a foreign policy forum.

He’s also made recent appearances in New Hampshire, the first primary state, and he’s taken other steps that indicate he's preparing for a run, like building out his political staff.

Pence’s implying that he might be planning to make a bid for president is not new: He said late November that he was giving “prayerful consideration” to a run.

Pence told Costa there was a clear rationale behind his timing.

“Anyone that would be serious about seeking the Republican nomination would need to be in this contest by June,” Pence said during the CBS interview.

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