We can say that video games have changed the way of having fun for many people since their appearance in the 70s. Today, we no longer count the different games that we can play on consoles all equally powerful. than the others. However, true fans will say that it was in the 80s that the craze for these electronic games really started, especially with the release of many titles which remain great classics today.

The following list presents 10 games that unmistakably marked the 80 :

Maniac Mansion (1987)

Maniac Mansion is a game produced by Lucasfilm Games. This is an adventure game designed by comedy genius Ron Gilbert. The latter used the programming language SCUMM to create the title that stood out among the adventure games of the 80s. The game is filled with hilarious jokes, as well as clich├ęs from B-movies. Its interface is intuitive. and accessible and seamlessly integrates animation scenes and non-sequential puzzles.

Jet Set Willy (1984)

Among the computer games of the 80s, Jet Set Willy, produced by Software Projects, stood out for its unreal sense of humor and its atmosphere that seemed genuinely disturbing. Its creator, Matthew Smith, designed his idiosyncratic world with distinct rules and often twisted logic. We faced truly monstrous visions like giant demon heads throughout the game. The route consisted of visiting a bizarre house with its haunted wine cellars and watchtowers.

Track & Field (1983)

For those who liked sports, Konami's track and field game was well known for bringing real physical exertion to the arcade experience thanks to its legendary interface with buttons that we loved to abuse. The Track & Field game includes six events that require both speed and good timing. Up to four players can compete against each other. The game was so popular that there were sequels, including Hyper Sports, as well as a whole host of games that could be played on a home console.

Kung-Fu Master (1984)

The game was produced by Irem and contains inimitable combat sound effects as well as a wide range of martial arts attacks. This game was a precursor for many other fighting games like Yie Ar Kung Fu or Double Dragon. It was greatly inspired by Bruce Lee's movie "Game of Death" and brought a Hong Kong action flick side to arcades around the world.

OutRun (1986)

OutRun perfectly embodied the culture of the 80s with its blue skies, synthpop music and cars. It was designed by Sega genius Yu Suzuki after a road trip to Europe. This is not a racing game but rather a game that promotes the joy of driving. Its multi-stage structure and scenic complexity will inspire the design of arcade games for the next decade.

SimCity (1989)

SimCity was produced by Electronic Arts and designed by Will Wright. This urban design simulation game was inspired by dozens of textbooks, in particular “Urban Dynamics” by Jay W Forrester. This made it possible to bring the economy, architecture, or even culture into this engine to create complex cities. The game inspired a whole generation of students to become politicians, city planners, but above all it led to the creation of The Sims game.

Gradius (1985)

Another game from Konami, Gradius was the arcade star of the mid-80s among space shooter games of the same genre like Galaga, Xevious or Defender. Gradius stood out with their system that allows players to customize their Vic Viper ship with an array of weapons and defensive systems. The visual effects and epic combat also made this game one of the best in its class.

Super Mario Bros 3 (1988)

Nintendo's Super Mario Bros 3 is said to be the greatest pure platform game ever to be developed. The game introduces costumes to increase power, but also a large number of gameplay innovations. With its non-linear and experimental design, this game will influence the modern era of Nintendo. Super Mario Bros 3 is the basis of other games like Super Mario 64, Sunshine or Paper Mario. It is known that in 2020, a still sealed copy of the game was auctioned for $ 156,000.

Pac-Man (1980)

Pac-Man was said to have been designed by Toru Iwatani as an antidote for those who loved shooting games. Spaceships and aliens were then replaced with an animated mouth and ghosts. Everything about Namco's game seems iconic, whether it is the labyrinth where the character evolves, or the sound effect that everyone knows. At the time, he was an arcade superstar who was accompanied by sales of accessories, but which also had sequels. Pac-Man is still a universal symbol of video games today.

Tetris (1984)

Who does not know Tetris? This must-have game was programmed on an old Electronika 60 computer in the Dorodnitsyn computer center in Moscow. Its rise to power is the most fascinating story in the world of video games. The man behind this game was programmer Alexey Pajitnov whose childhood was marked by his love for puzzles. Tetris is the game that really launched the Game Boy and then moved onto many other platforms. This is not a game with a hero, it is a game of arranging objects as best as possible in a small space. This simplicity is perhaps the reason why almost all of us have been drawn to Tetris.


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