Afghan woman gives birth to baby on US plane during evacuation

U.S. soldiers helped the mother give birth, US ARMY/TWITTER

She gave birth to a baby girl in an American military plane that evacuated her to the base in Ramstein, Germany. The mother and baby girl "are in good health," according to a US Air Force tweet.

An Afghan woman gave birth to a baby girl in a US military plane that evacuated her to the base in Ramstein, Germany , the US Air Force Mobile Air Command announced on Twitter. In mid-flight Saturday from a US base in the Middle East to Germany, the pregnant woman began to experience contractions and complications , according to the US Air Force.

The mother and her baby daughter are healthy

The commander of the plane then decided to descend to altitude to increase the pressure in the plane, which made it possible […] to save the mother's life , continues the Air Mobility Command on the social network. Immediately after landing, the US military helped the Afghan deliver her baby on the plane before she was transported with her newborn to a nearby hospital.

The mother and baby girl are healthy , according to this tweet.

Images released by the US military show the mother lying on a stretcher evacuated from the device by US soldiers at the Ramstein base in southwestern Germany.

A week after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, evacuation operations from foreign countries continue under extreme conditions marked by scenes of panic and despair at Kabul airport.

Since August 14, some 17,000 people have been evacuated by the United States, including 2,500 Americans.

The United States has obtained the green light from Berlin for some evacuees to be directed to Germany, where they have numerous bases. About 1,150 people landed at the Ramstein base on Saturday, from where they are expected to return to the United States within days.

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