YouTube updates the default settings for children's content

YouTube updates the default settings for children's content

YouTube updates the default settings for children's content

It announced a platform YouTube for some new measures to help protect young users from suspicious content and exposure of unwanted cross - platform , with the new default privacy settings for downloads by young people, reminders and new claims to help avoid excessive use.

The platform says it is upgrading the default privacy settings for downloads from users aged 13-17 to the most private option available.

She added: The content can only be viewed by the user and his choice through private downloads. We want to help younger users make informed decisions about their online footprint and digital privacy, including encouraging them to make an intentional decision if they want to make their content public. If the user wishes to make their content public, they can change the default upload visibility setting. And we provide reminders to indicate who can view their video.

As a result kids can still loosen up from the default settings. But the platform hopes to ensure that younger users are more aware of the risks involved, which could limit unwanted exposure in the app.

The platform is also looking to tackle overuse, with the addition of a break and bedtime reminders by default for all users between the ages of 13 and 17.

YouTube updates the default settings for children's content

We are also working to turn off autoplay by default for these users, the platform said. If the user decides that these are not the right digital wellbeing features for them, they can change their default settings.

This means that children can turn off these settings if they choose. But by implementing new default settings, the platform is looking to raise awareness of its various options in this regard, with the aim of improving security.

The platform is also removing more commercial content from YouTube Kids.

"We don't allow paid product placements in YouTube Kids, which we're targeting for young children," she said. In the coming weeks, we'll also begin removing excessive commercial content from YouTube Kids, such as a video that focuses solely on product packaging or encourages kids to spend money directly.

The platform announced some major changes to its rules around ad placements within videos. targeting youth last year, which caused major problems for content creators of this type.

These new regulations further restrict their monetization potential. And it imposes another re-evaluation of content creators, as the platform puts the welfare of users before profit in this regard.


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