Afghanistan: One dead in firefight at Kabul airport

Afghanistan: One dead in firefight at Kabul airport

The German army announced on Monday August 23 that an Afghan soldier died during an exchange of fire at the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan.

An Afghan guard was killed in a firefight on Monday (August 23) early in the morning at Kabul airport , prompting the intervention of German and American forces, the German army said.

Also three wounded

“There was an exchange of gunfire between Afghan guards and unidentified assailants at the north gate of Kabul airport. An Afghan guard was killed and three others wounded, " the German army said on its Twitter account, adding that German and American soldiers had taken part in " subsequent exchanges of fire " .

Since the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan on August 15, Kabul airport has been the scene of chaotic scenes, in which seven people have been killed, the British Ministry of Defense announced on Sunday. Tens of thousands of desperate Afghans flock to the airport to try to be evacuated.


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