At least 20 killed after fuel tanker explodes in northern Lebanon, sparking fire (VIDEO)

At least 20 killed after fuel tanker explodes in northern Lebanon, sparking fire (VIDEO)

Two dozen people have been killed and several more injured after a gas tanker erupted into flames in Lebanon’s northernmost Akkar region. Videos shared online show a massive blaze raging at the scene.

The Lebanese Red Cross reported that medics have uncovered bodies of 20 victims at the site of the blast. Seven people, injured as result of the explosion, have been taken to hospitals.

Twenty-two rescue squads have been dispatched to the scene of the explosion, which took place on Sunday morning in the Tleil area of Akkar region.

Country’s former prime minister Saad Hariri used the occasion to demand the resignation of Lebanese President Michel Aoun, drawing parallels between the Akkar explosion and the Beirut port disaster, which reduced the port and much of the city to rubble on August 4, 2020.

“Akkar massacre not unlike the [Beirut] Port massacre. May God have mercy on the martyrs and may they rest in peace,” Hariri tweeted, calling on all officials, responsible for what he described as negligence, to resign.

 “The lives and security of the Lebanese are a priority,” he added.

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