Google Maps offers a new feature that will surely be of interest to motorists. The mapping service will now indicate the toll prices.

For travel or long journeys by car, it is essential to provide a sufficient budget. The expenses are not only about fuel, food and possible repairs. They also include toll charges. The latter can easily rise without paying attention. The preparation of the route then makes it possible to choose the cheapest route. For this, users of Google Maps have long called for the mention of toll prices on the map. Something that Google is going to put in place to improve the usefulness of its online mapping service.

Members of the Google Maps preview program received a message indicating the development of the feature. The latter will automatically display updated tariff information for road crossings.

Google Maps will even accumulate toll charges on a route

According to the Android Police site , the preview program team was consulted to decide on a new feature that would benefit users the most. Members gave their opinions through a survey.

The availability of this long-awaited option should not take long, the developers of Maps are already working on its integration.

The mapping application will thus indicate to motorists the toll roads that are on their routes. This will be done both on the general map and on the navigation plane. However, the current version does not mention toll prices. Pricing information is important, especially for travelers on a budget.

Maps will thus do like the Waze application. The latter is a navigation aid in addition to providing driving assistance. For three years, it has displayed the toll prices on a given route. Note that Waze has been owned by Google since 2013.

No date for beta

On the other hand, the pricing information that Waze displays is not the official figures. The driver assistance application only provides estimates.

"  Since the toll prices in Waze are estimates, they do not replace the actual prices set by toll operators, which are published on their websites and on road signs  ," Google notes on a help page. It is not known if Maps will show actual rates or estimates as well.

It is still too early to expect a beta test of Maps. The new functionality will therefore not be included in the next Google Maps update. In any case, having access to toll pricing information will allow you to determine your route and choose the least expensive. For this, motorists can use Waze while waiting.

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