Jake Paul taunts Tyron Woodley with fried chicken, almost sparks brawl after failed weigh-in ‘gotcha hat’ attempt (VIDEO)

Jake Paul taunts Tyron Woodley with fried chicken, almost sparks brawl after failed weigh-in ‘gotcha hat’ attempt (VIDEO)

Prankster Jake Paul attempted another "gotcha hat" trick on a welterweight combat sports star, but this time failed and almost incited a brawl at the weigh-in ahead of his boxing bout with former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

The Youtuber memorably first delivered the catchphrase when his brother Logan was getting ready to fight boxing icon Floyd Mayweather – a retired, unbeaten pugilist who won belts in five different divisions but did his best campaigning at 147 lbs – in May.

At a press conference ahead of their June meeting at the Hard Rock Stadium, Paul pulled off the stunt and sparked a riot that instantly went viral while later tattooing the words on his person.

Following the exhibition, Jake is continuing his licensed boxing career and looks to improve his 3-0 record against ex-UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on Sunday, after knocking out former One and Bellator king Ben Askren in his last bout.

The build-up has been just as mean-spirited, with a fracas ensuing on Thursday at a face-off when Woodley's mother began "verbally sparring" with one of Paul's entourage.

"Get your dog. Get him now before he gets f*cked up – he's talking about my mom," Woodley was heard saying, as police intervention was required to break up the scuffle.

On Saturday, attention then turned to a "ceremonial weigh-in" with Paul tipping 190 lbs on the scales.

After that, he munched on chicken fingers while revealing what he had muttered to Woodley during the face-off.

"I said you’re dead," Paul explained. "That was it. I tried to grab his cheeks."

Woodley then went up to the 24-year-old, who attempted his cap-stealing stunt once more.

This time failing as Woodley pulled back, the Ferguson native said "you can have the hat" as security swarmed and separated the men.

Pushing and shoving ensued from the two entourages, but a full-blown fight will have to wait for this evening where Woodley has promised a nasty KO.

"It’s over," he promised.

"That’s all I can think about, it’s over. I’m about to go big in every level, every plane, every category.

"He’s shaking. He’s quivering and this dude he should be ‘cause I’m about to hurt him in a way he never felt before. And that’s on Mama Woodley," he signed off.

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