‘No clue how to box’: Jake Paul trolled for training footage ahead of Woodley showdown but gets boost from lover Rose (VIDEO)

‘No clue how to box’: Jake Paul trolled for training footage ahead of Woodley showdown but gets boost from lover Rose (VIDEO)

YouTube boxer Jake Paul will take on the biggest test of his novice career this weekend when he faces former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in the ring - but some fans have suggested he is ill-prepared for the challenge.

Paul, 24, is 3-0 in his young career with those wins coming against a fellow YouTuber, a former NBA player and Ben Askren, a former world champion mixed martial artist known more for his wrestling prowess than his stand-up skills.

In Woodley, though, Paul will take on the challenge of an experienced fighter with proven power in his hands which has proved too much for celebrated MMA stars like Darren Till and Robbie Lawler - and based upon some training footage which has filtered out of the Paul camp on social media, many fight fans are predicting that Woodley will add the controversial social media star to his already lengthy list of victims.

The clip shows Paul pounding a heavy bag with repeated straight rights which, to the untrained eye at least, may look somewhat impressive.

However, some boxing fans have identified more than a few holes in his game which they say will be taken advantage of as soon as he faces a fighter with some serious experience in the ring.

As was pointed out by a reader on Sports Bible: "Jake still has no clue how to box. That right hand is atrocious. Hands down, doesn’t bring his guard back up. It’s slow and telegraphed. As soon as he fights a boxer he’s done. Even an amateur boxer would nail him."

Others noted that the fighter in the background, who just happens to be seven division world champion Amanda Serrano, has far more developed skills than Paul.

"Look at the difference in the two boxers," another fan wrote.

"The pro is tight and efficient whilst the pretender telegraphs his punches and almost breaks his own leg, atrocious footwork. And he’s got Canelo in his sights lol?

"Amanda’s form is impressive, kept her hand up after throwing the cross. Jake on the other hand, keep working lol..."

"Looks like he’s never boxed before," a fan added to the online pile-on.

"You can tell the gap and difference between the form and technique of a champ and an amateur.. But the gap and difference in their purses," said a second.

"Better work on keeping that hand up Jake...cuz when you fight someone who knows how to fight and counter... night night," predicted another.

But if some (or most?) fight fans are predicting a tough night for Jake Paul late on Sunday night, one fan who is absolutely in his corner is Paul's girlfriend Julia Rose who took to social media to post a photograph of the couple to celebrate the beginning of her partner's fight week preparations.

"Fight week here we come," wrote Paul's other half, Julia Rose, to which he replied with a simple, "I. LOVE. YOU."

And while the excitement is certainly high in the Jake Paul camp, we'll see if the enthusiasm for Paul's young combat sports career is quite so high in a week's time once the dust has settled after he he squares off with Tyron Woodley.

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