Russian Communist politician calls for Putin-supporting ruling party to be declared EXTREMIST ORGANIZATION ‘just like ISIS’

A local Russian politician has called for the country’s ruling party to be declared extremist, claiming that the group “leaves as much ruin behind as other banned terrorist organizations,” such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban.

Speaking during a debate on national TV, Bair Tsyrenov blasted United Russia for their record in charge of the country and his region. Tsyrenov is a member of Buryatia’s local government, an area more than 4,000km east of Moscow, and is a Communist candidate for the upcoming federal parliamentary election.

Founded in 2001, United Russia holds the majority of seats in both of the country’s parliamentary bodies, as well as having the majority of governors nationwide. While President Vladimir Putin is not a member, it supports his leadership and its MPs are loyal to him. In recent years, its popularity has waned, while the personal popularity of Putin has remained high.

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“United Russia has given us pension reform. More than half of our men do not live to retirement age,” Tsyrenov said. “The Republic of Buryatia had the highest mortality rate in Russia during the pandemic. I would like to ask the United Russia head of [Buryatia], Alexey Tsydenov: ‘How have you brought the republic and the healthcare system to this poor state?’”

“United Russia should be banned in this country as extremist, just like the banned organization ISIS, because United Russia leaves as much ruin behind as other banned terrorist organizations,” he said.

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As things stand, Russia’s list of extremist organizations mainly includes Islamist terrorist groups and far-right Nazi movements. Once put on the list, these groups are banned from conducting any activities within the country.

Tsyrenov is running for the country’s parliament in the upcoming election, due to be held next month, where he will square off against Vyacheslav Damdintsurunov, the region’s sports minister.

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