The China aims to build a solar station in space . An installation that would be able to produce enough energy that it could compete with a nuclear power plant, we learn from the media Neozone .

China continues to imagine ambitious plans. Proof of this is that it plans to produce electricity from solar panels deployed in orbit. Remember that the country has already announced its idea of ​​building "the largest wind turbine in the world". Today, he plans to install a solar station in space. An objective which should be reached by 2035. The Chinese authorities hope that their space solar power plant will be operational by 2050. The Middle Empire therefore seems to rely more and more on renewable energies.

Chinese officials expect solar panels placed above our heads to be capable of producing as much electricity as a nuclear power plant.

China prepares pharaonic projects

Generating electricity from space is a long-standing concept. Isaac Asimov spoke about it in his book Foundation, which was written in 1941 ... Many countries like the United States and England also have projects in this area. But it looks like China is ready to take a giant leap forward.

It is obvious that solar radiation is more important beyond the Earth's atmosphere. A solar station installed in space will therefore be able to supply electricity continuously.

In his book, Asimov imagines a space station that captures the sun's rays to produce energy that will then be transmitted to Earth through beams of microwaves. The accumulated energy, captured by means of a receiver, is then distributed to the general public.

The Chinese government recently presented in Chongqing its plans to carry out its solar space station project. The first tests are supposed to take place soon.

Energy from space for China

China did not randomly choose this city to test the concept. Indeed, the locality is foggy almost throughout the year because of air pollution. Chinese authorities hope to solve the fog problem by relying on renewable energy. The energy produced by the solar space station will allow cities like Chongqing to have enough green energy.

Solar panels installed in orbit will harness the intensive energy beams to create electricity. Chinese engineers will have to find the effective solution to avoid the loss during the transfer of electricity to Earth. Less loss allows for maximum power. It will also be necessary to think about the saturation of satellites. Nearly 6,200 devices designed by humans are already in orbit around our planet!


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