Club likens decision to cage football fans to a concentration camp, claims ‘outrageous’ move ‘violated rights of free citizens’

Club likens decision to cage football fans to a concentration camp, claims ‘outrageous’ move ‘violated rights of free citizens’

A football club turned the away end of their stadium into a "concentration camp" by penning fans behind a fence, an opposition team has angrily claimed.

In a volatile match on Sunday, Persha Liga side Kryvbas kept fans of visitors Metalist behind bars when they traveled to the city of Kryvyi Rih to watch their side's 5-0 win.

Flares were let off and a pitch invasion reportedly took place at one point, with footage appearing to show large groups of supporters carrying banners outside before the emphatic victory for the league leaders.

Former UEFA Cup entrants Metalist shared photos of their players celebrating with fans afterwards and issued a statement saying they felt the "deepest regret and disappointment" over the "decision to lock the fans of our team in a cage".

"[It] demonstrated disregard not only for the Kharkiv fans, but for the whole of the football community.

"In the modern world, such a step has long been considered a violation of ethics, morality and the rights of free citizens. Turning a guest rostrum into a concentration camp is low and ugly.

"We ask the [governing bodies] UAF, PFL and colleagues in the development of Ukrainian football to pay attention to this outrageous episode, to give a legal assessment of the actions of Kryvbas and to consider not to repeat such outrageous incidents in the future."

The scenes follow an investigation into a mass brawl which marred a game at Ukrainian champions Dynamo Kiev last week.

Seats were shown daubed in blood as 'Ultras' appeared to pour towards a segregation fence at the 70,000-capacity NSC Olimpiyskiy.

The traveling contingent in Kryvyi Rih still managed to high-five players through the fence after their win.

Metalist are currently on a 36-match unbeaten run in all competitions which has lasted more than a year.

"It is a pity that our fans were closed behind a fence," said midfielder Evgeny Podlepenets.

"It was not very hospitable. But we won and we dedicate this victory to them."

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