Ex-UFC champion mocked over ‘Make America Great Again’ advocacy after brutal boxing KO against MMA great Anderson Silva (VIDEO)

Ex-UFC champion mocked over ‘Make America Great Again’ advocacy after brutal boxing KO against MMA great Anderson Silva (VIDEO)

An ex-UFC champ who won a city council seat in the 2020 US elections has been savaged after suffering a vicious first-round knockout at the hands of one of his former MMA rivals in a boxing match.

In a battle of two 46-year-old former UFC favorites, powerhouse Ortiz was pinned in a corner by sensational Silva before being stunned by a right hook and floored by a left hand, leaving him face-down on the canvas in a shocking early end to his night on the undercard of Vitor Belfort's demolition of Evander Holyfield.

Ortiz had already suffered the ignominy of being forced to pay Silva a fine after missing weight, and the politician, who used former US president Donald Trump's 'Make America Great Again' (MAGA) slogan in his own successful campaign to become mayor of Huntington Beach City Council election last year, has now been lampooned for his political views.

"Tito Ortiz, who is [an advocate of] MAGA, getting knocked out in the first round by Anderson Silva while Donald Trump is in attendance," mocked one, referencing the ex-head of state's lucrative commentary duties on the card.

"Has Trump asked for the Anderson Silva – Tito Ortiz decision to be investigated and overturned yet?" asked another, joking about Trump's infamous 'stop the count' call on the night of his doomed re-election bid and subsequent challenges to the results.

Others cruelly shared snaps of Ortiz, who controversially called the coronavirus "the flu" and a form of "population control" while claiming that respirators "speed up the process of Covid", lying prone after the knockout.

"How are people even surprised Tito got knocked out? He's a wrestler," pointed out one viewer while making claims about Ortiz struggling with UFC president Dana White, who is unheralded as a fighter.

"He's never had good stand up. Hell, there's even a famous story about Dana White, of all people, piecing him up in sparring. Tito even ducked Dana years later when they tried to set up a boxing fight."

Analyzing a brutal slow-motion replay of Silva's decisive shots, Trump said: "Let's see what happened here. That was a one-punch deal."

Ortiz is insistent that he will return. The man whose tenure in his first elected role lasted less than six months quoted a speech by one of Trump's predecessors, Theodore Roosevelt, alongside a photo of himself draped in the American flag, adding: "I will be back."

The UFC Hall of Fame inductee also publicly called out unbeaten rookie boxer Jake Paul, although some of his supporters were quick to warn him against trying to arrange a fight with an unknown quantity who is little more than half his age.

Silva was understandably overjoyed. "Thank you, my people," the Brazilian former middleweight champion told his following of more than 3.8 million on Instagram.

"I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn this amazing martial art: something that has helped me win many of my fights, and [this one] was no different."

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