F1 bust-up: Mazepin accused of ‘making up drama’ by Schumacher after Russian claims he ‘f*cked’ his qualifying attempt (VIDEO)

F1 bust-up: Mazepin accused of ‘making up drama’ by Schumacher after Russian claims he ‘f*cked’ his qualifying attempt (VIDEO)

Russian badboy racer Nikita Mazepin has blasted unimpressed Mick Schumacher in a huge bust-up at the Dutch Grand Prix, accusing his teammate of deliberately derailing his attempts to gain a decent starting position.

The incident occurred in the first qualifying round ahead of Sunday's meeting at the Zandvoort circuit as Schumacher attempted to overtake Mazepin and the pair carshed out. 

The youngsters and Red Bull's Sergio Perez suffered a disaster as they exited at the same stage, while title hopeful Max Verstappen achieved pole position to send the home fans wild. 

“Well, I’m really annoyed to be honest, because it should have not been that difficult with traffic,” said rookie Mazepin, who is still seeking his first career point in Formula One.

“Because [the] rules [are] within a Formula 1 team one weekend, you are the first car [on track], the next weekend you are the second car.

“This weekend was my turn to be the first car and I’ve once, in Imola, overtaken the first car when I was the second [car] – and I got a b*llocking from the team.

“And now this has happened to me the second time: my teammate overtakes me and bumps me into the traffic and f*cks my last attempt in qualifying on purpose. So I’m not happy."

Mazepin was reported as being "absolutely furious" with Schumacher in the aftermath of the crash, with one onlooker saying he had "rarely seen a driver so angry that wasn't in a crash".

The same source repeated Mazepin's claim that Haas have an agreement where priority alternates between the two each weekend. 

The son of legendary former champion Michael Schumacher is quoted to have insisted that he got the call to go.

The FIA launched an investigation as the pair were summoned to stewards, although no further action was ultimately taken.

Schumacher was reported as saying: "[I] don’t know what he’s telling people... he usually sets a lap that’s a little slower than mine. There’s no reason to make up drama from this."

As a consequence of their mix-up, the duo will start 18th and 19th on the grid on Sunday.

Mazepin received a predictable deluge of abuse over the saga on social media.

"How is Mazepin holding on to his superlicence?," asked one punter. "Pay to play in F1 is not what we signed up for."

Some accused him of calling the kettle black, given he once endangered Schumacher at the Baku Grand Prix by almost crashing into his teammate on the first lap.

Schumacher asked at the time if Mazepin's aim had been to "kill us", while his uncle – former Formula One driver Ralf – demanded urgent punishment for the "life-threatening" action.

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