Insulate Britain protesters block traffic at Port of Dover with UK supply chain already suffering from haulage crisis

Insulate Britain protesters block traffic at Port of Dover with UK supply chain already suffering from haulage crisis

Climate protesters, who have spent the past week blocking London’s orbital motorway, have moved to the Port of Dover, where they’re blocking the entrance to the harbour, angering haulage drivers and travellers.

On Friday, more than 25 activists from Insulate Britain arrived in Dover to block the entrance to one of the UK’s most important ports. The eco mob have placed themselves on the tarmac, mirroring their tactics on the M25, blocking lorries and cars from entering the port. 

Protesters reached the port at around 8:30am and proceeded to split into two groups, blocking the road at the entrance to the Eastern Docks roundabout. It has been reported that while the police are on the scene, no arrests have been made.

The Telegraph claimed an officer had told an angry motorist that “we’ve just got to go along with it,” and asked them to get back in their car and wait for the protest to finish. “How long are you expecting to be here today?” an officer asked an activist. “All day,” they replied.

The protesters were told to move to let an ambulance through and duly responded. Another protest on the M25 last week led to a woman being paralyzed as the demonstration prevented her from getting to hospital. 

Theresa Norton, the mother of infamous group spokesman Liam Norton, is among those taking part. Her son stormed off the set of Good Morning Britain this week after it emerged he himself had not insulated his own home, leading to much condemnation from the presenters and guests. The group is demanding the UK government do more to insulate homes, which is deemed an important part of lowering carbon emissions. 

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The protest at one of the UK’s most important gateways to Europe comes amid warnings that there may be shortages of food on the shelves this Christmas, while dozens of petrol stations have temporarily closed due to supply-chain issues. Britain’s haulage industry says it needs around 100,000 new drivers to enter the profession to meet demand. 

Over the past two weeks, the group has focused its efforts on London’s orbital motorway, the M25, blocking slip roads and the motorway itself.

But on Wednesday, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said a judge has granted an injunction against the eco warriors protesting on the motorway. From Wednesday afternoon, protesters were in contempt of court if they continued to sit down in the middle of the busy M25 motorway.

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