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Marvel obviously does not intend to limit itself to Earth. In fact, Kevin Feige has hinted that upcoming MCU movies will take us to new worlds. This will be the case in particular for Guardians of the Galaxy vol.3, but also for Thor: Love and Thunder.

It must be admitted, through all these decades of existence, the works of the Marvel team, have woven a web that is both vast and complex.

Unlike other works, Stan Lee and his collaborators have chosen not to limit themselves to the Earth. If the first series focused on heroes “from home”, the comics quickly took us through the stars.

The MCU will take us to other worlds

And we have to believe that the MCU is on course to take the same turn.

After having introduced the notion of multiverse with Loki and the other worlds with Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy, the next films will indeed be brought to make us take a step back on the Earth and the life which developed there. The Eternals will therefore be an opportunity for Marvel to make us take a step back on the course of our lives by introducing new races.

And that's just the beginning. During an interview conducted by Collider, Kevin Feige indeed hinted that the future of the MCU lies in the stars and that the next films will make us travel.

The time has come to take some height

The trend initiated with film series like Thor, Captain Marvel or the Guardians of the Galaxy should therefore continue:

“It's called the universe after all, and I think the public is now very comfortable going to strange planets with us. So we will certainly continue to do so before Guardians 3 and after Guardians 3. ”

It is also interesting to note that Kevin Feige does not intend to stick to the exploration of new planets. He also wishes to introduce new races, as was the case with the last volume of Thor or with the previous volumes of Guardians of the Galaxy. The general idea is ultimately to make us take a little height, but also to extend the influence of the MCU.


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