NBA legend Michael Jordan’s son accused of aggravated assault on hospital staff after ‘hitting head on table in bar fall’

NBA legend Michael Jordan’s son accused of aggravated assault on hospital staff after ‘hitting head on table in bar fall’

The eldest son of NBA icon Michael Jordan has been arrested over an alleged assault in hospital after police said he slipped and fell on a table in a bar.

Former university basketball player Jeffrey Jordan, who is the five-time NBA Most Valuable Player's eldest son and worked his way up to become head of digital innovation for the Jordan brand, tumbled from a table at a Mexican restaurant in Scottsdale, according to local police.

Officers were already at the scene dealing with another incident and are said to have been asked to help security with the "disturbance", which was adjudged to have been "medical in nature", Fox 10 Phoenix said.

The 32-year-old was reportedly taken to a local hospital for treatment on his head injury, where he was arrested for alleged aggravated assault on a healthcare professional.

The long-serving innovator for Nike was subsequently released from Scottsdale City jail, accounts say.

Jordan junior received a full athletic scholarship after joining the University of Illinois in 2007.

The hotly-tipped prospect announced he was leaving Illinois in 2009 but later returned to the team.

A stint at the University of Central Florida followed before he left basketball, having earned a major in psychology in 2012.

He is clearly proud of his six-time NBA-winning father's achievement, enthusiastically advocating the 'MJMondays' hashtag on his heavily-followed Instagram account.

Last year, Jordan told Forbes that he had launched the Jordan Avakian Group with friend and business partner Sevan Avakia, explaining that their aim was to support and act as consultants for start-up sports and entertainment companies.

He described himself as "really excited" about his "top-performing" company which monitors crowd movement to help organizers make decisions.

Jordan has founded a philanthropic venture, 'Heir Jordan', with Marcus and their sister, socialite Jasmine.

The siblings, he explained, see the investment and marketing company as a way to "create and co-create our own legacy".

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