UK police accused by journalists of helping climate-change activists block M25 motorway (VIDEO)

UK police accused by journalists of helping climate-change activists block M25 motorway (VIDEO)

Conservative commentator Darren Grimes, among others, posted footage on Twitter as he claimed that British police were helping climate activists in their attempts to block London’s orbital motorway during a week of demonstrations.

Since Monday, climate-change activists from Insulate Britain have blocked junctions around London’s M25, an orbital motorway running a vast distance around the sprawling capital. The activists have caused sizable tailbacks, frustrating thousands of commuters and tradesmen in a bid to get the government to commit to insulation initiatives.

The activists are demanding the British government take action on home insulation, deemed an important part of the fight against climate change and reducing household emissions.

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Members of Insulate Britain protest on M25 Motorway, Britain September 15, 2021 © Reuters
Climate activists block M25 London orbital for SECOND TIME in three days

While a number of people have been arrested during the demonstrations, some Britons are getting frustrated with the police as videos circulated appearing to show officers protecting the activists.

Outspoken conservative commentator Darren Grimes has taken aim at Britain’s law enforcement officers in a number of tweets which have been widely shared and liked.In the first of three tweets, Grimes wrote “When the police won’t do their job, the public feel forced to do it for them,” sharing a video of police trying to maintain the peace as angry motorists accost activists as they sit on the tarmac. 

In the second post, Grimes shares a video in which a police officer can be seen politely asking the activists to move. “Can you imagine the police asking anti-lockdown protestors or football hooligans so very kindly to move out of the way?” he added. 

In a final video shared on Friday morning, activists are helped across a busy road junction by police who direct the traffic to stop. Upon reaching a second slip road, the protestors set up their signs and placards as they prepare to block oncoming traffic. 

There was clearly a lot of support for Grimes’ message, with some people questioning Britain's direction with criminals being protected and the innocent being hounded. One person said it would be better if the police didn’t turn up at all, “then the good members of the public would deal appropriately with these unemployed professional agitators.”

Others were less critical of Britain’s law enforcement. Some claimed the police were doing their jobs perfectly. “Protecting free speech and calming hysterical drivers. Where's your problem?” one Twitter user wrote.

This week’s insulation-related protest comes amid increasing pressure from climate groups, including Extinction Rebellion, which hosted a two-week-long demonstration in London from the end of August; hundreds of climate activists were arrested in the capital.

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