Young MMA fighter tragically dies in Brazil following fight and suspected head trauma

Young MMA fighter tragically dies in Brazil following fight and suspected head trauma

A young MMA hopeful has passed away aged just 22 after he took part in a fight earlier this month and was then hospitalized amid complaints about headaches in the hours that followed the bout in southern Brazil.

Lucas Gabriel Peres hailed from Peabiru in South America's largest country with his scrap in a K-1 competition taking place two hours away in Marina, Parana state.

Just hours after his match, when already arriving back in Peabiru, Peres complained of suffering from a headache and was taken to a local hospital in Campo Mourao.

His condition gradually worsening, he was then sent to the Metropolitan Hospital in Sarandi and eventually pronounced dead last Saturday on September 18. 

A report from a local branch of domestic media giant Globo has said that the organizers of the event have been in direct contact with Peres' family and do not plan to make any comment on the development.

The Medical Legal Institute is looking into the cause of the youngster's passing, with his death certificate detailing that he suffered from head trauma. 

His career barely able to get off the ground, Pires competed just once at amateur level and lost a May bout to compatriot Leandro Pires. 

The September outing was meant to be his return to competition, but concluded in the most tragic of fashions. 

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Head trauma is fast becoming one of MMA's hottest topics of discussion alongside fighter pay, with the president of its most elite championship, the UFC, admitting that more could be done to aid those such as Spencer Fisher and others who have shown signs of the condition.

"Listen, we’re all learning every day about the brain injury stuff," Dana White admitted to MMA Junkie earlie this year.

"We’ve been invested in this [Lou] Ruvo Center [at the Cleveland Clinic] to try and figure out more."

"But listen, he’s not the first and he’s definitely not going to be the last," White said of Fisher.

"This is a contact sport and anybody who’s done this younger, myself included, is dealing with brain issues. It’s part of the gig," he claimed.

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