Bonfire Night 2021 live – Best fireworks events near me and displays in and around London

Keeping the pets calm

The racket of Guy Fawkes Night rockets can be upsetting for animals. Twice as many dogs go missing at fireworks season, the Kennel Club says.

CBeebies vet Cat Henstridge — Cat the Vet from The Pets Factor — has advice for pet owners . . . 

Normalise noises: Introducing noises in a controlled way can help pets get used to odd sounds in advance. Sounds Scary is free to download at Play it at a low volume when you are with your dog or cat and if they react, reassure them calmly and give them a treat. It shows them you are not worried.

Doing this a few times before Bonfire Night can lessen its impact, especially for younger dogs. But I don’t recommend it for pets that have previously shown significant signs of firework distress.

Make a doggy den: Dogs feel most secure in small and enclosed spaces — which will also help to muffle noises.

On Bonfire Night, make a den from a crate and a blanket, under a table or behind the sofa. If your pet picks its own place, leave them to relax there.

Turn on some tunes: Pets have very sensitive hearing, so you will not be able to drown out the noises of fireworks, no matter how loud you have the telly. But you can try to muffle the sounds.

Put on music with a regular, firm, pulsing beat. Something like drum ’n’ bass is ideal.

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