What Happened To Dansby Eyebrow? Update On His Injury 2021

What Happened To Dansby Eyebrow? Update On His Injury 2021

Dansby Swanson received four stitches above his left eye after being injured by a flying helmet during the NLCS Game 2 postgame celebration. Get an update on his injury 2021.

Many speculated that the injury was caused by a head-first slide into third base earlier in the series. Still, it was caused by a batting helmet that bounced off the ground during the Braves’ celebration of outfielder Eddie Rosario’s walk-off victory in Game 2.

You have to see these types of celebratory injuries happen, but it hasn’t kept Swanson out of the Atlanta lineup every night CS Game 2 postgame celebration.

A helmet hit him directly — on the brow and fortunately not an inch lower.

What Happened To Dansby Eyebrow?

Dansby Swanson, the team’s star infielder, was stranded at third base in the bottom of the first inning. However, he reached third base in an excruciatingly painful manner.

As the team’s leadoff hitter, Swanson reached base on a ground-rule double. Next, Swanson advanced to third base on a fly ball from Freddie Freeman, but his slide into third wasn’t relatively as smooth.

Swanson started his slide a touch too early while going for third and ended up eating a lot of dirt on his approach to the base.

Swanson’s right arm became trapped beneath him, effectively stopping his motion. As a result, his face was immediately buried in the soil, resulting in a gash on his nose.

To make matters worse, the Braves were unable to score in the inning. Thus Dansby’s suffering was in vain.

Dansby Injury Update 2021

Atlanta Braves shortstop Dansby Swanson was sporting some stitches above his eye after a highly intense 2021 NLCS.

However, Dansby’s eye injury is finally starting to heal, and he is doing well now.

Where Is Dansby Swanson Now?

Late Saturday night, Dansby Swanson, whose scar over his left eye is starting to heal, gazed across the Truist Park interview room, trying to put it all into words without crying.

Swanson, 27, was born and raised in Atlanta, a real Atlantan who has aspired to this moment since he first picked up a baseball.

At Marietta High School, his mother was a tennis and basketball star. His father was also a baseball player there. As a result, he is a die-hard supporter of all Atlanta sports teams.

Swanson says, “I have so much pride and affection for my place.”

He fantasized about himself as a baseball superstar in Atlanta, hitting a dramatic World Series home run, spraying champagne in the clubhouse, and ecstatically celebrating a championship.

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