Tornado kills at least six in US

The storm that passed through Madison County in Iowa also injured several people and destroyed homes. A state of natural disaster has been declared.

Tornado kills at least six in US

At least six people - four adults and two children - were killed on Saturday evening March 5 by a tornado in Iowa, in the center of the United States, according to the emergency services.

The tornado also injured at least four people and caused "significant damage to homes and property ," Madison County Emergency Services Director Diogenes Ayala said.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has declared a state of natural disaster for Madison County, located in the center of the state. “Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the deadly storms that tore through our state today ,” he wrote in a statement.

217 km/h

According to the National Weather Service , which reviewed photos and video of the tornado, from around Winterset, a city in Madison County, winds exceeded 135 miles per hour (about 217 km/h). Agency investigation teams will further examine the damage this Sunday, officials said.

Videos posted on social media and recorded south of Winterset show the aftermath of the weather: piles of debris, smoke and overturned cars.

"The best thing for the community is not to go to these areas", calls Diogenes Ayala, quoted by the "New York Times" before adding: "Let the people who live there - let them clean up. Give them some space. It's quite devastating for our community. According to him, between 25 and 30 houses were destroyed.

In December, several dozen violent tornadoes ravaged five states in the center of the United States , mainly Kentucky, and killed at least 79 people.


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