Metaverse: Upcoming arrival of a new virtual reality headset for profesionals

The virtual reality headset launched by Meta could be marketed as early as October 2022. In any case, this is what an intervention by Mark Zuckerberg , guest in Joe Rogan's podcast on Spotify this Thursday suggests . The boss of Meta said that a new device will arrive this month with certain features such as gaze and face movement tracking.

This technology offers "the possibility of now having a kind of visual contact in virtual reality ", promised the American billionaire, quoted by 01.Net . Mark Zuckerberg added that the goal was to make everyone's avatar more lively and expressive.

A name to be confirmed

Virtual representations of users may, for example, smile, pout or frown. The Meta virtual reality headset is codenamed Project Cambria. According to a leaked code reported by Bloomberg , the final product name may be Meta Quest Pro.

Regarding its price, little information is known but it should exceed 1,000 dollars, or almost as many euros. This price is much higher than the Quest 2 128 GB headset currently available at a price of 450 euros, or 550 euros for the 256 GB version. These have also increased by 100 dollars at the beginning of August 2022.

Not ideal for video games

The Quest Pro headset should be aimed at professionals and businesses, for whom it could provide the functions of a computer or any other workspace, said Mark Zuckerberg. The device would therefore be different from consumer helmet models, generally intended for gamers.

The Information reports that four other virtual reality headsets could be presented by Meta by 2024. The group is also working on augmented reality glasses, the Nazare project. Announcements could be made at Meta's next Connect conference, the date of which remains unknown.


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