Australia organizes a significant military exercise with many nations amid rising tensions with China

A dozen nations participate in the exercises, including France. A Chinese spy ship was discovered off the coast of Australia's north-eastern coast.

Australia organizes a significant military exercise with many nations amid rising tensions with China
Australian, New Zealand and French soldiers prepare for Exercise Talisman Saber in northeastern Australia on July 19. CPL NICOLE DORRETT / AFP

According to a senior Australian officer, Australia participated in a major joint military exercise with the United States and a dozen other nations on Friday, July 21. A Chinese spy ship also participated in the operation. More than 30.000 soldiers from 13 nations, including Canada, France, Japan, Great Britain, and Indonesia, take part in an annual exercise called "Talisman Sabre."

It takes place in an environment of rising tensions brought on by Chinese security threats in the area. Beijing does not take part in this operation. During a news conference, Lieutenant General Greg Bilton, the Australian in charge of these joint operations, revealed that a Chinese spy ship had been spotted the previous night off the coast of Australia's northeast.

We made contact with this ship on Thursday in the Corail Sea. They have been doing this for a while, and we are ready for it, he added. He claimed that China's response to the communications from Australia had been "courteous and in accordance with maritime codes."

In response to China's growing influence, the United States has made Asia-Pacific the focal point of its new global strategy and intends to increase their presence there. AUKUS, the strategic alliance between the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, will give Canberra access to nuclear-powered submarines at the P├ękin Grand Canal.

Up until August 4th, the combined exercise "Talisman Sabre" will be conducted with land exercises, amphibious landings, and air, land, and sea maneuvers. This year, the most of it will take place in Queensland, Australia, where Canberra wants to increase its military presence.


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