Morocco Named Best African Golf Tourism Destination for 2024 in Malaga

Morocco has been crowned the best African golf tourism destination for 2024. The Kingdom was recognized at the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) European Convention, currently being held in Malaga, Spain, which is widely considered the epicenter of global golf tourism, announced the Moroccan National Tourism Office (ONMT) in a statement.

Morocco Named Best African Golf Tourism Destination for 2024 in Malaga

Approximately 660 golf tour operators convened and analyzed the performance of the first quarter of 2024 and the satisfaction levels of their clients before voting for Morocco. This recognition "rewards the efforts made by the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation and the ONMT in their commitment to sustainable golf courses, enhancing the travel experience, and promoting golf tourism," stated the ONMT, led by Adel El Fakir.

Morocco is strongly participating in this edition of the IAGTO, with the mobilization of a large number of Moroccan private operators, particularly in the golf, golf resorts, and hospitality industries, representing the various golf clusters across the Kingdom, the same source added.

This event serves as an important networking platform for these professionals who are joining more than 750 delegates from Europe and other destinations. The goal is to establish relationships between golf travel agencies and industry entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, for the ONMT, golf represents a tourism development vector with strong potential, poised for high performance thanks to the country's prestigious golf destinations and the major international events held there. The ONMT, in partnership with the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation, aims to establish Morocco as a true, independent golf tourism destination.

This has been reflected in the initiatives launched and the partnerships recently forged, including the one signed last November between the ONMT and Netflix to promote golf in Morocco.

This unprecedented partnership, it should be noted, aimed to establish the "Morocco, Land of Light" brand on a global scale within the golf segment, leveraging the power of the streaming giant.


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