Hades is a bit of a hit game at the moment. And even more since it was added to Xbox Game Pass. Anyone with a subscription to the service can benefit from it for free.

You may have taken the opportunity to let yourself be tempted. If this is the case, then it is also very likely that you are having a little trouble progressing and finding your way around.

Here are just 7 tips to get started on Hades.

Before starting, it is probably best to start with the introductions. Hades puts you in the skin of Zagreus, the prince of the Underworld and therefore the son of his king. But there you go, Zagreus is bored and he's tired of seeing souls being tormented. He will therefore do everything to escape hell and his father ... with the help of the other Olympian deities, convinced that the prince wants to join them.

Technically, Hades is quite akin to a Diablo. A 3D isometric view, a progression system, weapons to unlock, it shares many points in common with the title of Blizzard ... while offering its own identity.

In Hades, you will indeed die. Again and again. And each time you will come back to where you started. But you will also be stronger.

At least on condition that you start off on the right foot, which is precisely the reason for this issue.

Tip # 1: accept death

Hades is cut into runs . Each time, you escape through the window of the Underworld Castle and you must progress through randomly generated rooms. Rooms where a wide variety of monsters await you, each with their own unique talents.

With some bonus bosses that always appear after a given number of rooms explored.

The thing is, you're not going to be able to escape from the underworld on the first run, so you will often lose. Then to go back to square one and start all over again.

These deaths, or these defeats, however, should not be seen as failures. When you return to the palace, you will indeed have points to spend to develop your character and make him stronger. Each run therefore brings you a little closer to victory.

Tip # 2: don't limit yourself to just one weapon

Unlike a Diablo, killing monsters won't allow you to find new weapons.

To be able to trade your trusty sword for a spear or something else, you will therefore have to collect keys during your runs . Once back home, all you have to do is go to the weapons room to exchange these precious keys for new weapons.

Be careful, however, because each of its weapons has its strengths and weaknesses. The sword, for example, is very effective in melee, but it won't allow you to hit distant monsters, so you'll have to keep moving constantly. The bow, on the other hand, is very effective at a distance, but it is useless in melee and you will have to remain very mobile to dodge the monsters.

Small point that is important, when you go to the weapons room before a run , you will see a weapon haloed in a purple light. The latter is not there to decorate. If you select the weapon in question, you will indeed receive an obsidian bonus, the resources that will allow you to unlock permanent skills.

Also note that each weapon has several evolutions, or aspects. If you don't like a weapon at first, you might find it more interesting later on.

Tip 3: choose permanent resources

Hades offers many different resources. There is silver, of course, but also obsidian. And that's not to mention the different skills hidden in the rooms.

The thing is, most of these resources disappear at the end of the run , at least with the exception of obsidian.

It is therefore preferable to start by focusing on permanent resources since they are the ones that will allow you to evolve your character and make him stronger when you use the Mirror of the Night present in your avatar's room.

Tip # 4: Watch Out for Bonuses!

When you start a new run , you have a bar made up of four empty slots on the left.

These locations will welcome the bonuses of the Olympian deities that you will find throughout your getaway. And they each correspond to a very specific skill: melee attack, special attack, ranged attack and dodge.

The thing is, if you assign a second skill to an already occupied slot, then the first one will jump. So it's best to be careful and start by filling each slot with different skills.

There is, however, one exception to the rule. As with Diablo weapons, each bonus has a specific rank. Some are common, some are rare, some are epic. If you come across a bonus belonging to one or the other of these last two categories, then do not hesitate to activate it. And this even if it comes to crush another bonus.

Tip # 5: invest in dodging and attacks from behind to get started

The strength of Hades is the richness of its builds . Between the bonuses and skills that you can unlock through the Night Mirror, you will indeed have plenty to do.

And inevitably, at the beginning, you may feel a little lost. If I can give you a tip, it's to start by betting on the damage bonuses on attacks from behind and on dodge.

For the first skill, it's very simple, it will allow you to considerably increase your character's damage while getting used to staying mobile. The second, for its part, will allow you to activate two dodges in quick succession, and therefore gain even more mobility. And clearly, on Hades, mobility is the key to survival.

Tip # 6: talk to everyone and give them nectars

Hades will make you meet many emblematic figures of Greek mythology. And after each run , you will have the opportunity to talk to them and exchange a few words.

Just do it. By chatting with these characters, you will learn a little more about the world of the game.

But there is more to it. During your runs , it will sometimes happen that you find nectar, a nectar that you can then offer to non-playing characters in the palace. And if you do, well you can unlock new items.

Items that you can equip during your runs and that will give you many bonuses and advantages.

Tip # 7: focus on the keys to get started

When you defeat the monsters in a room, a portal appears to lead you to another room. And sometimes there are two. By observing the visual present on each portal, you can know the objects that await you on the other side.

As we saw a little above, it is of course preferable to focus on permanent resources. But if I can give you one piece of advice, it's to focus on the keys first.

These play a very important role at the start of the game. They will indeed allow you to unlock new weapons (with the bonuses mentioned above as a bonus) and new skills.

They therefore occupy a central role and that is why they are so important.


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