A baby tested positive to Covid-19 dies in a maternity hospital

Is there a link between the coronavirus and the death of a newborn on Friday in a maternity hospital in Occitania (South West and South East of France) ? The regional agency of health confirmed this Sunday the death of the baby "noted in the birth" and the fact that the test Covid-19 carried out "post mortem was positive". The young mother was also a carrier of the virus, say the health authorities, who "with regard to the confidentiality of the information of the individual medical file, and by respect for the mourning which affects these young parents and their close relations", will not bring "any other precision on this death".

The ARS teams transmit "their most sincere condolences to this bereaved family" and send a message of support to the health professionals who took care of them medically and psychologically.

According to data from Santé publique France, 47 children aged 0 to 9 years are currently hospitalized in France for Covid-19 infection, including 5 in Occitania.

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