American radio host Phil Valentine who refused to be vaccinated died of Covid-19

American radio host Phil Valentine, 61, has died of Covid-19. He believed that the vaccine was only useful for vulnerable people. When he was infected, he thought he would get back on the air soon. But the coronavirus finally won out.

American radio host Phil Valentine who refused to be vaccinated died of Covid-19
Phil Valentine, radio host in Tennessee, YOUTUBE SCREENSHOTS

American radio host Phil Valentine, 61, died of Covid-19 , reports the New York Times citing his employer, a Tennessee radio station. Before falling ill, the host wrote on his blog that his chances of dying from the virus, if infected, were "well below one percent," said  the New York Times . At the end of June, he even split a parody song called Vaxman , to the tune of The Beatles' Taxman .

I use common sense, he wrote on his blog in mid-December. What are my chances of contracting the Covid? They are quite weak. What are my chances of dying from Covid if I catch it? Probably less than one percent. I do what everyone should be doing and this is my own health risk assessment. If you have any underlying health problems, you should probably get the vaccine. If you are not at high risk of dying from Covid, it is probably safer not to get the vaccine. It elicits cries of horror from many, but it's true. I weigh the known against the unknown .

He hoped to return "in a day or two"

On July 11, when he announced to his listeners that he had contracted the coronavirus, he was still confident and made a commitment to return to the air in a day or two . Interesting experience. I will inform you of my next return to the air. I hope it will be tomorrow, but I may take a day off just as a precaution .

But his outlook quickly changed. Less than two weeks later, his radio station, 99.7 WTN, reported that the Nashville host was hospitalized in very serious condition, suffering from Covid-related pneumonia . The statement pointed out that Phil Valentine had changed his mind and urged others to get vaccinated.

“Go get vaccinated!” His family said today

His family also spoke on the networks to relay this new vision. Please keep praying for her recovery and PLEASE GET YOUR VACCINATION! , could we read in their press release. His entourage then assured that Phil Valentine had "never been a“Anti-vaccine” ”but that he“ regretted not having been more “pro-vaccine” ”.

He hoped then to be able to come back and defend this position vigorously as soon as he was on the air again.

Unfortunately, he will never have the opportunity again. On Saturday, the radio station announced on Twitter that Phil Valentine had passed away from Covid-19, urging his listeners to keep the Valentine family in (their) thoughts and (their) prayers .


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