Does obtaining a full vaccination mean that one is completely immune to Corona?

Does obtaining a full vaccination mean that one is completely immune to Corona?

For many, being fully vaccinated against the Corona virus may mean that you can return to your daily life with fewer restrictions and fears.

But what about using masks, following social distancing measures, and conducting corona tests? Is it possible for a person who received both doses of the vaccine to infect others? Or even get infected?

Health experts in Germany provide the answer to these questions, specifically with regard to the possibility that a person may be a carrier of infection despite having received a full vaccination.

And the German “Robert Koch” Institute for Disease Control says that the probability that the result of a corona test for a person who received two doses of vaccine will come, positive, is low, but the percentage is not zero.

While it is true that the data shows that the viral load is significantly reduced in people who have contracted Covid-19 disease after receiving the vaccine, there is still a small risk remaining that they may spread infectious viruses.

Karsten Watzl, Secretary General of the German Society for Immunology, says, “As the number of people who receive the vaccine increases, the number of high infections increases... This has been reduced, but based on the effect of vaccination for me and based on the viral load of those around me, I can still get ( Although) I am a vaccinated person.”

He added that for the elderly, especially those with pre-existing conditions, things could become dangerous.

So, what is the best thing to do in this situation?

There are many people, especially among young people, who have not yet received a full vaccination, and they may develop serious complications from “Covid-19”, or suffer from long-term effects. This is another reason why people who have received the vaccine must maintain a distance between them and those who did not receive the two doses of the vaccine when they meet them, as well as they must use a mask.

Everyone should also remain vigilant in places with a large number of people, such as on public transport, says the German Federal Center for Health Education.

On the other hand, the German Permanent Committee for Immunization recommends that the recommended safety precautions must be adhered to, which includes the use of masks, washing hands and surfaces, maintaining social distancing measures, and good ventilation, as this greatly reduces the risk of transmission.

Currently, the most contagious delta mutation is spreading rapidly across Europe and North America.

“When you have the delta strain, your viral load is higher,” Watzl says. As a result, the risk of infection also increases when someone is in contact with an infected person.

But, should the person who received the vaccine continue to undergo testing to confirm whether he has corona?

If vaccinated people, or others, want to meet each other in private, at a park party, for example, Vazelle advises everyone to get tested in advance.

He explained that if people who received the vaccine, and others who did not receive the vaccine, meet together, the risk of infection increases between them, for both parties.

Source: News Agency


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