How to Use Quick Commands on Mac

How to Use Quick Commands on Mac

Mac has a tool called Quick Command While Working, this tool allows you to automate some functions.

So you can save a lot of time if you constantly link the functions and tasks that you do on your device with quick commands. 

This tool first appeared with Mojave and is available across all devices using the system or mlater.

Create Quick Commands on Mac 

You can easily create quick commands on Mac via Automator, and it allows the Quick Command tool to work. 

So if you want to create quick commands, you can follow these steps: 

Go to the Automator app on your device, and then select the Quick Functions feature. 

After that, the Automator application window will appear and you will find it divided into three main sections.

The upper section of the window is related to the characteristics of the job you are asking the application to perform. 

You can name it and specify the type of input and output for this process, as well as add an image or color of its own.

While the list on the left is divided into two parts, the first part presents the types of operations and functions in general, and the second part contains the specific functions.

Through the second part, you can choose the function such as moving files, renaming them, or changing their type.

In order to start implementing this function, all you have to do is drag the function from the left side and place it in the empty part on the right side to appear as the image below.

How to Use Quick Commands on Mac 

Thus, you have programmed the first part of the job, and you can program the second part of the job by dragging anything you want, where you can make the first part of the job move files and the second part rename or transfer it.

When you have finished preparing your command, you need to press save and give it a name so that you can access it easily later. 

How to Use Quick Commands on Mac 

Access quick functions via file view app

You can access quick functions directly from the Mac file viewer app. 

In order to do so, you can follow these steps: 

Click on the Apple icon in the top bar, then choose System Settings, and then click on Add-ons. 

And then click on the file view application from the left side of the screen, and when you find the list of quick jobs that you have prepared, choose the job you want. 

And you can use this feature in a lot of things depending on what your work requires, as you can have your Mac automatically upload files that are in a folder, or print any files you put in a specific folder. 


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