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Sergio Ramos would begin to annoy the PSG

Sergio Ramos would begin to annoy the PSG

It is a strange information which was unveiled by Cadena SER during the night about the experienced Iberian central defender. Spanish radio, which also claimed that Kylian Mbappé was going to stay in Paris , dropped a bombshell about Sergio Ramos. The former Real Madrid would clearly not be unanimous internally since his arrival, mainly because of his attitude ...

Already, because he would be a little too arrogant and would see himself a little too good-looking. Sources within the club say that some gestures with the staff and employees, or some of its demands, go very badly. A starlet behavior to summarize vulgarly, when he is not the captain of the team and there are other players with the star status above him who obviously do not have this behavior .

Nothing indicates that he will be titular

The media adds that even if he is currently injured and that he should not return to competition with a few weeks, if he does not come back to 100% there is no indication that he will be able to grab a place. starting and that Marquinhos and Kimpembe could continue to be starting. "There is a little uneasiness with Sergio Ramos" , sums up the radio.

News that may be a little surprising, since the Iberian player has always been presented as a model of professionalism and, in addition to a few episodes with José Mourinho, has a priori never caused a problem in a locker room. More than to wait for him on the ground from now on, but if the information published by the SER turns out to be true, the Parisian adventure of the Andalusian starts off badly ...