Stunning report from Spain claims Real Madrid are considering switch to Premier League as battle of presidents rages

Stunning report from Spain claims Real Madrid are considering switch to Premier League as battle of presidents rages

A sensational report from Spain has claimed that Real Madrid, whose president Florentino Perez is embroiled in a row with his La Liga counterpart Javier Tebas, are considering a switch to play their football in the Premier League.

Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo reported the alleged development on Saturday, which if it came to fruition "would send shockwaves reverberating around the world".

"According to club chiefs, there are compelling arguments in favor of considering it very seriously," the publication adds, though it does point out that the UK no longer being part of the European would pose bureaucratic obstacles.

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Real Madrid have announced plans to take legal action against La Liga and backers CVC © Susana Vera / Reuters
Real Madrid announce ‘civil & criminal legal actions’ as they sue Spanish football bosses over $3.2BN LaLiga deal with equity firm

As mentioned, Los Blancos are currently at loggerheads with the Spanish top flight and this week announced "civil and criminal legal actions" against it.

Along with bitter rivals FC Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao, they refuse to accept their part of a loan brought about by the 10% purchase in the league by investment fund CVC worth some $3.2 billion.

It was believed that Barca's allotted 10% of that amount would have been enough to get Lionel Messi's new contract over the line and navigate a strict salary cap.

But instead of taking the money, their own president Joan Laporta let him walk to PSG and is accused of allowing this to happen in order to keep the Super League alive with Perez and Juventus chief Andrea Agnelli.

As opposed to coming flat out and saying this, however, Laporta complained that he is "not prepared to mortgage" Barca's TV rights for the next 50 years - which is the timeframe for paying back the borrowed $320 million - "for anyone" at the same press conference he confirmed Messi's exit.

Tebas responded to that claim, saying: "You know that the CVC operation does not mortgage the television rights of FC Barcelona for 50 years, what it does is [make sure] that they have more value for all the clubs and so you can MORTGAGE them to your BANKS and solve the big debt. That’s how you understood it hours ago."

Similarly, he has responded to Mundo Deportivo's report, which additionally stated that Madrid will also consider fleeing to Serie A or the Bundesliga if their Premier League exodus doesn't come off.

Tweeting a picture of MD's front-page spread, Tebas compared whoever believes "such nonsense we have these days" to "the new patron of the bar that closes at five in the morning, and since he has just arrived, believes everything they say at that time, and above all, he tells it [to others!" 

Attempting to clear up any confusion, Madrid released a statement that accused the Catalan outlet of trying to cause problems in the mainland capital.

"Given the information published today by the newspaper Mundo Deportivo, in which it says that our club studied the possibility of moving from LaLiga to the Premier, Real Madrid wants to assert that this information is completely false, absurd and impossible and it only intends to disturb, once more, the day to day of our club," it read.


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