WATCH shocking moment jockey flipped upside down at 41mph by own horse

WATCH shocking moment jockey flipped upside down at 41mph by own horse

A jockey has luckily lived to tell the tale this week after being hurled from his horse upside down at over 40 mph hour, with footage of the incident later going viral on social media and shocking onlookers.

Marco Ghiani looked to be in pole position at the race at Lingfield on Thursday evening.

Nearing the finish line, he was due a $70,000 windfall if getting their first at the Racing League contest.

But while performing above expectations at 15-2, his horse Papa Stour had other ideas about them both tasting glory.

With his saddle slipping down the straight, disaster struck at 41mph when Ghiani dropped to the right and tried his best to cling on for dear life. 

The momentum too much, however, he lost his grip and fell onto the track while the horse behind almost charged on top of him.

Hurtling upside down, a second horse appears to give the 22-year-old an accidental kicking as the jockey is left lying on the ground with Papa Stour bolting off.

The horse and Ghiani both thankfully unhurt, a presenter described the latter as "made of steel" after he was attended to by medics.

"Jockeys have taken lesser falls and come off much worse. Good to see Marco getting up and talking quickly," wrote one punter online, as another admitted their "heart stopped at that moment" a "balls of steel" Ghiani took a tumble.


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