The GDP index no longer really makes sense at a time of climate emergency, according to these scientists

The GDP index no longer really makes sense at a time of climate emergency, according to these scientists

The current economic system, based on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) index is no longer compatible with the climate emergency, assures Easac, the European science council. Here are the recommendations that these scientists address to our leaders.

European science is pulling out its claws for the climate. Three weeks after the publication of the first part of the IPCC report 6 , the European Council of National Academies of Sciences (Easac) made public, this Tuesday, August 24, ten recommendations directly addressed to politicians.

One of them seems revolutionary for a scientific council. The economic system based on GDP, in which interest related to fossil fuels, food and agriculture are increasing levels of CO 2 , deforestation, land clearing and overfishing, is no longer suitable , signed Professor Michael Norton, Director of the Environmental Program at Easac. Because the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere must be reduced as quickly as possible .

A recognized chemist

This British chemist - despite the Brexit, the United Kingdom continues to adhere to the European research program and therefore to the Easac - is not a sweet lunatic disconnected from reality. He advised several ministries on the issue of acid rain and climate change, from the beginning of the 1980s. The firmness of his message did not surprise the French Olivier Pironneau, in charge of international relations at the French Academy of Sciences and vice-president of EASAC. This scientific council was born so that knowledge weighs in the political decisions of the EU. He has always been ahead, especially with regard to our French Academy.

Harmful forest biomass

EU scientists also reiterate their call to reduce forest biomass in energy production, which is just as harmful as charcoal if you account for sunken wood. EASAC even asks the Commission to catch up by the suspenders some of the European countries which welcome their transition, based on miscalculations: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom ...


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