Fans are BACK IN A BIG WAY at US college football – to the delight of many, but to the horror of others (VIDEO)

Fans are BACK IN A BIG WAY at US college football – to the delight of many, but to the horror of others (VIDEO)

The start of the US college football season has brought the return of some mammoth crowds and scenes of unbridled joy spreading across the internet – but some people can’t help sharing their Covid concerns.

Footage of the packed stands at Lane Stadium in Virginia went viral after the bumper crowd bounced in unison to the pumped-up soundtrack of Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ as they welcomed their team to the field to play North Carolina.   

After the Covid-ravaged 2020 college football season, many were ecstatic at seeing fans back in big numbers and going wild in the stands.

Fans later stormed the field after the unranked Virginia pulled off a shock win against the number 10-ranked visitors.

The scenes of full houses at college football around the US were repeated – including at a fired-up Camp Randall Stadium, where hosts Wisconsin were taking on Penn State.

The spine-tingling rendition of House of Pain’s ‘Jump Around’ was a sight to behold as the crowd bounced with abandon.

“The greatest tradition in college football is BACK!” screamed the official Badgers account.

But with the Covid pandemic lingering, there was the inevitable backlash at students seeming to enjoy themselves a bit too much. 

Taking aim at the reckless abandon in Virginia as around 66,000 fans crammed into the sold-out stadium – where masks were a requirement on the concourse and indoor stadium areas, but not in seats – US sports outlet Deadspin noted the number of new State-wide Covid cases on Friday (4,000-plus).

“Given everything, do you really think none of those people jumping up and down to the strains of ‘Enter Sandman’ had coronavirus? Do you really think nobody walked out of Lane Stadium newly infected?” pondered the outlet.

Opinion was divided online.

Scenes of the ecstasy in Virginia, Wisconsin and elsewhere racked up hundreds of thousands of ‘likes’ – with fans genuinely overjoyed at seeing students enjoying college football in their masses.

"I really underestimated how incredible it is to see fans back. This is the best," wrote NFL reporter Ian Rapoport of the images in Wisconsin. 

“If you don’t get chills watching this, you aren’t a football fan,” said another Twitter user.

“And it was at that moment we all knew the world would never accept another lockdown again,” chimed in another.

“Haven’t a clue about American football or why college football is so popular but it’s great to see crowds back and enjoying themselves,” wrote one foreign observer.

“If you watch this and feel angry about Covid instead of joy that college football is back you are the problem,” argued another Twitter account.

Others, however, were far less enthusiastic. 

“Super spreader event. Love to see it,” wrote one person sarcastically, while another added: “Not 1 mask in sight.”

The Covid-themed memes were also out in force, while Democrat doctor Rob Davidson blasted the gathering of such large numbers of people.  

Like it or not, US college football is back with a bang and some bumper crowds to boot – and the kids seem to be loving it.


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