‘He is recovering well’: Pele’s daughter asks fans not to tell football icon he’s old as she gives update after he is hospitalized

‘He is recovering well’: Pele’s daughter asks fans not to tell football icon he’s old as she gives update after he is hospitalized

The daughter of football legend Pele has posted an update after the Brazil icon was transferred to a semi-intensive care unit with breathing problems.

The revered 80-year-old superstar underwent surgery to remove a tumor in his colon earlier this month, returning to a regular ward following an operation which had been postponed because of the Covid pandemic.

Pele was taken back into intensive care as a 'preventative' measure earlier this week as a result of a larynx problem, according to UOL – and now his daughter, Kely Nascimento, has posted a photo of the pair together as the three-time World Cup winner continues his recovery.

"I don't know what's coming out of the news out there but my DMs [messages] are booming," said the activist and speaker on gender and race in sports.

"There's already a lot of anxiety running around the world these days and we don't want to be the reason for more. He is recovering well and within normal range – I promise."

Nascimento, who had earlier confided that Pele had been "a little irritated that he can only eat jelly" immediately after the procedure, explained that Pele was wearing a coat indoors because the cold in Sao Paulo, where he was admitted to the Albert Einstein private clinic, "bothers him".

"He doesn't like it when I say this so please don't tell him, but he's an old man," she added.

"[It is] normal... [for] a man of his age, after an operation like that, sometimes it's two steps forward and one step back.

"It's very normal. Yesterday [Thursday] he was tired and took a little step back. Today he took two forwards.

"I want to thank again – and always – all the brilliant team here at Einstein and even more for all the good energy that you [fans] are transmitting."

In a brief address of his own, Pele portrayed himself in a green and yellow tracksuit bearing his name and told his Instagram following of more than 7.2 million that he is "still recovering very well."

"Today I received visits from family members and I continue to smile every day," he said. "Thank you for all the love I get from you."

Brazilian club Santos, for whom Pele scored more than 500 goals during his remarkable career, replied: "We are together, King. The nation of Santos is with you. And the whole world, too."

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