Huawei has just announced several crucial new features for Petal Maps, new features that will make the solution a much more serious competitor for Google Maps.

It has now been a little over two years since Huawei no longer has the right to use Google's services and applications. Faced with the situation, the firm therefore invested in its own ecosystem, through several key applications.

Petal Maps is one of them. And if it is recent enough, it seems to be well on its way to establishing itself in the cartography market.

Even more with the latest update rolled out by Huawei.

Petal Maps switches to regular route maps

This update brings several notable new features, in addition to the usual bug fixes.

The first concerns journeys. Huawei has indeed started from the principle that we often take the same routes, in particular to get to work or to come home.

The journey maps will therefore allow us to keep an eye on all these journeys that we take regularly, and in particular to know how far we are from our favorite destinations.

The weather layer

A journey does not only depend on traffic, roadworks or even accidents. The weather is also an important variable. In heavy rain, for example, the road becomes more difficult.

Petal Maps, through its latest update, will integrate this dimension into its application. Users will therefore now have the possibility of displaying a layer to know precisely the weather forecast on their journey.

Real-time traffic conditions

This was clearly one of the app's biggest shortcomings: Petal Maps will now be able to display traffic conditions in real time.

The tool will therefore allow us to know the state of traffic on the main roads that we must take, and therefore to anticipate traffic jams.

The integration of Petal Maps with the Huawei Watch 3

We don't just need a navigation system when we're behind the wheel of our car. Sometimes we also use these solutions to guide us when we are on foot, going to a date.

The latest version of Petal Maps will support the Huawei Watch 3 and it will therefore be possible to keep an eye on the route to take thanks to our connected watch.

Welcome novelties, therefore, and which should satisfy users of Huawei devices.


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