Google announced three major new features for Chrome this week . They will radically change the way you use your browser by making your surfing sessions more flexible.

Be careful, however, because to benefit from these new features, you must download the beta version of the browser by going to this address . This program makes it possible to test the new features brought to Chrome before they are deployed on the final version of the browser.

Note also that this beta is not limited to your computer. It is also available on iOS and Android 

But installing these betas alone will not be enough to activate the functions that we are going to present to you. You will also have to go to the browser flags to activate them. Of course, each time we specify the name of the option to activate. Just note that to display them, you will simply have to type chrome: // flags in the address bar of Chrome.

The cards on the “new tab” page

The first of these new features relates to a page, namely the one that appears when a new tab is opened.

If you are connected to Chrome and if you activate the associated experimental functions, then the browser will display on this page several elements such as the last cooking recipes consulted, your most recent documents or even the last shops visited.

On the other hand, and this is probably the most important, you will have to activate several modules independently of each other:

  • # ntp-modules ;
  • # ntp-drive-module ;
  • # ntp-photos-module ;
  • # ntp-recipe-tasks-module ;
  • # ntp-shopping-tasks-module ;
  • # ntp-chrome-cart-module ;
  • # ntp-modules-drag-and-drop ;
  • # ntp-modules-redesigned ;
  • # ntp-realbox-suggestion-answers ;

It should also be noted that these modules are only offered on the desktop version of the browser.

Simplified search

By default, when you search on Google and click on a SERP result, then you have to go back each time to change sites.

Now, with the beta version of Chrome, this is no longer the case. Once the search has been launched, you will see a banner above the first site visited displaying all the other results. It will therefore be possible to switch from one to the other without going back to the SERPs.

This function is available on mobile, and you just need to activate the following option in the flags to take advantage of it:

  • # continuous-search;

On the other hand, Google specifies in its blog note that only the Android version of the application can benefit from it.

Colorful sharing

By default, when you copy text from a page and share it, your phone focuses only on the text.

With the new beta of Chrome, you will be able to go further by choosing the formatting of the shared text.

After selecting the passage you want to share, simply click on the “share” button on the small toolbar. Then, click on the “create a file” button to be able to switch to the editor for creating files. Several themes will be offered to you and you can switch from one to the other with a simple swipe.

Finally, select the model that inspires you the most and click on the “next” button to send your card to the application of your choice.


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