Biden reforms: the incredible circus of Senator Kyrsten Sinema

Biden reforms: the incredible circus of Senator Kyrsten Sinema

The motivations of the Arizona elected official, who obstructs Joe Biden's promises, remain an enigma. Only certainty: the Democrat ensures the "show".

It annoys, it irritates, it exasperates. For several weeks, Kyrsten Sinema has been doing his circus. Disembarking from her native Arizona (on the Mexican border), the blonde senator, a bit eccentric, holds all Washington, her country, and even the whole world in suspense. How? 'Or' What ? By refusing to vote for the mega investment program presented by his own camp - that of Joe Biden. This plan consists of two bills (laws): the Infrastructures law (aimed at repairing roads, bridges or hospitals for an amount of 1,200 billion dollars) and the Build Back Better law , in the amount of potential of 3,500 billion in social investments in day care centers, schools, care, retirement homes, etc. 

For now, two Democratic senators are holding this magnificent project hostage, which the left has dreamed of for half a century: the austere Joe Manchin , 74, and the extravagant Kyrsten Sinema, 45. A former governor of West Virginia, the former has served as a senator for the same state for more than a decade. Elected senator from Arizona in 2018, the second, she is a newbie on the national scene, who claims to be openly bisexual and whose Instagram account made a lot of talk last spring - she wore glasses to match her fuchsia cap. and a ring engraved with the letters "Fuck You" . 

Were it not for the stubbornness of these two, Biden's bills would have been voted long ago. In the majority in the House of Representatives, Democrats also hold half of the seats in the Senate (50 out of 100). In the event of a tie, it's up to Vice-President Kamala Harris to tip the scales. A formality, therefore, if Manchin and Sinema fell into line. 


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