Tom Cruise puffy and barely recognizable: Images

Tom Cruise puffy and barely recognizable: Images

This Monday, October 11, the magazine Page Six reports an astonishing image of Tom Cruise. The actor, always at his best to play iconic roles such as those in Mission Impossible, had a swollen face.

Fright in the stands of a baseball stadium. This weekend, Tom Cruise attended a baseball game, when he was noticed by several fans and spectators of the game, and even a few paparazzi . As reported by Page Six magazine , the 59-year-old actor was seen with a swollen face, especially in the cheeks and chin area, which made many Tom Cruise fans think that the ex Katie Holmes had recourse to surgery aesthetics .

Several people who attended the San Francisco Giants game have taken and posted the photos of the actor from Knight and Day . Photos that quickly made the Web react . Some even made fun of the actor: "What did he do to his face? Same doctor as Wayne Newton" , asked a user while others, annoyed by these messages, defended Tom Cruise. "I'm sick of Twitter trashing people for their weight fluctuations. (…) Stop being grossophobic!" , one of them got angry.

Among the spectators of the baseball game, some even thought of a joke. They were thinking in particular of an imitator of the actor. Tom Cruise looked happy anyway , although a little embarrassed to be so photographed. With these rumors of cosmetic surgery, the comedian of Mission Impossible could end up being angry to silence the rumors. Especially since in 2016, the actor had already been seen with a reddened and different face.


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