William Shatner has been in space

William Shatner has been in space

He took part in the second Blue Origin manned mission, aboard the New Shepard capsule. At 90 years old, the man who played Captain James T. Kirk is the oldest person to have been in space. 

He was accompanied by Chris Boshuizen, Glen de Vries and Audrey Powers. The first two are "customers" in the same capacity as Shatner, while Powers is vice-president of Blue Origin in charge of New Shepard.

The capsule climbed to an altitude of 106 km, thus exceeding the imaginary Karman line which is one of the limits of space. The maximum speed reached was 3,597 km/h and the mission lasted just over 10 minutes

"Blue Origin plans an additional crewed flight this year, with several more flights planned for 2022," the company added. New Shepard's main goal, as a reminder, is to send rich tourists into space for a few minutes. 


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