Venus could never have had oceans

Venus could never have had oceans
Venus is the second planet from the Sun

"If an American study has hypothesized that yes, it is now contradicted by work to be published on October 14, 2021 in Nature," explains the CNRS.

"Thanks to a latest generation climate model, the research team has established a different scenario from the American study: after its formation, the young Venus was covered with magma. To form oceans, the temperature of its atmosphere would have had to decrease to allow rainfall of several thousand years, as was the case on Earth.

Problem: 4.5 billion years ago, even if "the Sun was 30% less luminous, this would not have been enough for the temperature of the young planet to decrease enough to generate oceans".

"Future space missions to study our neighbor should bring back data to compare these theoretical results," hopes the CNRS. There is Envision planned for 2030 as well as Davinci and Veritas planned in 2029.


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