Britney Spears Warned About Leaked Tapes From Bugged Bedroom?

Britney Spears Warned About Leaked Tapes From Bugged Bedroom?

Are hackers exchanging illicit recordings of Britney Spears on the dark web? One tabloid claims it won’t be long before Spears’ sex tapes go public. Let’s check in on the impending sex scandal.

‘New Blow’ Against Britney Spears?

The latest edition of the National Enquirer reports Britney Spears may be free from her conservatorship, but her troubles are far from over. After a member of her security team accused Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, of bugging the pop star’s bedroom, the outlet says it was only a matter of time before those recordings made their way to the dark web. And now, online hackers are profiting off of these explicit videos.

“These monsters are bragging they have acquired a trove of secret footage showing Britney having sex, and they intend to release it on the dark web for the highest price possible,” an insider dishes. “They’re not going into much detail about what’s on the tapes, except to boast it’s steamy, will capture the world’s attention and make them a fortune.”

Dark Web Making Britney Spears A ‘XXX Sex Star’?

There’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, if these videos are already available on the dark web, how exactly is the tabloid the only one to know about them? And if there is genuine evidence that these videos exist, not only would it be much bigger news, but it would inevitably require law enforcement to get involved. It is highly illegal to record, possess, and sell non-consensual explicit material. What the tabloid is describing would be the scandal of the decade.

But here’s the thing: There is absolutely no evidence that these recordings exist. While there is some credence to the allegation that Jamie Spears placed audio-recording devices in his daughter’s bedroom and monitored her communications, no one has mentioned anything about visual recordings of the singer. And we highly doubt that the internet’s underbelly is buzzing about audio recordings of what might be Britney Spears having sex.

Having your own father bug your room and take away your every bit of privacy is traumatic enough. And yet, the tabloid is exploiting Spears’ suffering for its own financial gain. Given the publication’s willingness to profit off of Spears while only adding to her unhappiness, it’s clear the Enquirer is as bad as Jamie Spears.

The Tabloid On Britney Spears

But this is far from the first time the Enquirer has peddled lies about Spears. Earlier this year, the magazine claimed Spears was having a mental breakdown and her Instagram posts were a “cry for help.” Then the tabloid alleged Spears was getting “blubbery” and gaining weight so she could have a baby. And more recently, the publication reported Spears was throwing a $1 million “freedom bash.” Obviously, the Enquirer can’t be trusted when it comes to Spears.

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