Trevor Donovan & Rachel Boston Filming Movie With ‘When Calls the Heart’ Director

Trevor Donovan & Rachel Boston Filming Movie With ‘When Calls the Heart’ Director
Trevor Donovan & Rachel Boston

Crown Media Trevor Donovan & Rachel Boston

Trevor Donovan has filmed multiple Christmas movies for the 2021 season, and he’s already working on a new movie with fellow Hallmark star Rachel Boston. Here’s what we know so far.

Brian Bird of ‘When Calls the Heart’ Is Leading the Movie

In a Twitter post, Brian Bird — who is the executive producer and co-creator of “When Calls the Heart” and “When Hope Calls” — revealed that a new movie starring Rachel Boston and Trevor Donovan is filming in Colorado. He tagged #Hearties in his post, which refers to fans of “When Calls the Heart,” but it’s not clear why.

The movie is called “An Engagement Plot.”

There’s at least one scene in the movie where Donovan goes fly fishing.

Boston is filming while pregnant. In October, she revealed that she’s expecting to give birth to her baby girl in 2022.

Donovan said on Instagram that this is his first time working with Boston.

Boston said they were coming up with creative ways to hide her pregnancy.


Not many details have been shared yet about the movie.


Here’s another picture shared on an Instagram story about filming in Colorado.


It’s Not Yet Known Which Network Is Airing the New Movie

It’s not clear yet which network will be airing the new movie. Neither the actors nor Bird have shared any details in their posts. Bird is currently working on projects for both The Hallmark Channel and GAC Family.

The author of the book upon which the movie is based also did not reveal where it is going to air. On November 2, Kristia Phillips posted on Facebook that she’ll get to visit the set soon and is very excited.

She wrote: “So… a little bird told me (like… actually a screenshot from Brian Bird’s Instagram because I’m totally stalkerish like that) that filming is STARTING ON THE ENGAGEMENT PLOT THE MOVIE!!!! And… LOOK WHO THE STARS ARE!!!! AND I get to go visit the set in a few weeks!!! If you heard this faint giggling or squealing off in the distance this evening, it was just the echo of me running around my house going bananas. THE ENGAGEMENT PLOT IS GOING TO BE A MOVIE!!! EEEE!!!!!!!”

Bird replied that he was excited for her to visit.

In reply to one person’s congratulations, Phillips acknowledged that a lot was changed, but it’s a great script.

She wrote: “They had to change a LOT. Like, a lot a lot. But they let me read it and make a few suggestions, and the scriptwriter did a great job making the necessary overhauls.”

She revealed in a post that the script was written by Taylor Bird.

Trevor Donovan & Merritt Patterson are starring in the new “Jingle Bell Princess” movie on November 28 at 8 p.m. Eastern. Donovan is also starring in “Nantucket Noel” on Hallmark on November 19.

Donovan recently signed a contract with GAC Family that involves starring and producing movies, Country Music Alley reported.

Abbott tweeted that GAC has an expanded partnership with Donovan and will be spotlighting his efforts in preventing bullying.

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