Where Is Brittany Lukenbill from Nevada Mo? Justice For Justin On Facebook

Where Is Brittany Lukenbill from Nevada Mo? Justice For Justin On Facebook

Brittany Lukenbill’s whereabouts have not come to the surface yet, but she is likely to be around the Nevada city in Missouri or has fled the city. 

A new name Brittany Lukenbill is being linked in Justin Goolsby’s murder case recently. She is likely to be the partner or former partner of the victim according to Celebsaga. They were having disagreements in something at the time.

Justin was shot dead in a gas station by a homeless grandfather named Steven Sam Vignolo. The incident has sparked and heated the social media movement and people are demanding justice for the deceased.

Let us learn more about Brittany Lukenbill and take a closer look at Justice for Justin trend on Facebook.

Where Is Brittany Lukenbill from Nevada Mo?

Brittany Lukenbill might be from around Nevada, a town in Missouri.

However, her actual whereabouts as of now have not come to the surface yet, but we are trying to learn more about her as you read this article.

She has been covered by other websites as well after the social media platforms erupted with the trend of Justice for Justin.

There is no actual known relationship between Brittany and shooter Steven, but we can suspect she was the granddaughter who was abused and harassed by Justin.

Some websites have even reported Brittany to be the ex-partner or wife of Justin and they were having arguments about the custody of the child which did not please Steven.

We will surely update you about where is Brittany Lukenbill now after the information comes to the surface.

Justice For Justin Facebook Trend Explained

Justice for Justin trend has been sparking on the internet and social media platforms including Facebook.

Justin Goolsby was shot by a Missouri grandfather. He died in a nearby hospital after a few hours. Sparking the social media trend of justice of Justin.

The Police have arrested Steven Sam Vignolo, a homeless old man who is currently under custody. He is charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action.

Currently, in police custody, Vignolo is yet to see the face of the court. We will update more details about the case as soon as they are made available.

The trend is not only limited to Facebook, but the #justiceforjustin has been trending on most of the popular social media platforms including Twitter, Reddit, and TikTok.

Brittany Lukenbill Age And Wikipedia Explored

Brittany Lukenbill’s actual age is 33 years old according to Celebsaga.

However, she has not revealed anything about her actual date of birth on the web or among the general public yet.

Lukenbill does not have a Wikipedia profile for her wiki and bio yet, but we have covered everything to know about her in this article.

She is most likely the granddaughter Steven has spoken about in his interview and she is also suspected former partner of the victim Justin.

Source: This post first appeared on https://www.wiki.ng


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